Pyong Yang

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Species: Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon

Days to Maturity: See Harvest Details below

Grown by: Greenside Farm

Asiatic Hardneck type. Originally from North Korea, north of the capitol of Pyongyang. 6 to 8 cloves per bulb. Cloves are light brown with a rosy purple blush and elongated tips. A light pleasant nutty flavor when baked. Leaves are typically a light green and scapes don't curl. Stores well.
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    Harvest Details

    Harvest scapes (or the flower stalk) of garlic when it loops around. You can follow the stalk to the base of the plant and pull. Different varieties will be ready to harvest at different times. I know to harvest garlic when 1/3 of the plant’s leaves are dead – so if the garlic has 9 leaves if the bottom three have turned brown. Then to cure, wipe off all large dirt chunks and hang upside down or on a screen with fans blowing on it for 2-3 weeks. Then, clean heads by clipping roots and taking off outer layer. You don’t want to take too many layers of leaves off, to more you leave on the longer it can store. Store in a cool, dark environment. If stored properly, hardneck garlic will store up to June of the following year.

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