Ping Tung Long

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Species: Solanum melongena L.

Days to Maturity: 65

Grown by:

Long Ping Tung Eggplant Seeds originate from Ping Tung, Taiwan. Plants are disease resistant and do well even in heat. Fruits produced are 12-18” long and 1.25” wide. They are various shades of purple. After 65-90 days, fruits should be ready for harvest, and can be removed from the plant by cutting the stem 1” away from the fruit. Fruits are sweet and tender with no bitter taste. They can be eaten without being skinned or cooked and still retain their sweetness.

Growing Tips

Start indoors about 1/4” deep 6 weeks before the last frost. Transplant well after danger of frost and ideally when night temps don’t go lower than 50F. Plants grow two to three feet tall and should be planted 12-18 inches apart. Need full sun. Must be picked regularly when they are red.

Certified Organic. 40 seeds per packet.

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