Workshops & Education

North Circle Seeds is happy to bring our knowledge of seed saving to you! We host a variety of workshops and educational instruction for audiences of all kinds.

North Circle Seeds has expertise in the following areas:

● Seed Saving 101 (techniques on saving all basic garden vegetable varieties)

● Community Seed Networking

● Seed Storage and Banking

● Saving Biennial Seeds (Carrot, Onion, Beet)

● Plant Breeding and Selection

● Hand Pollination

● Hands-on Activities!

These workshops will be presented by Zachary Paige, MA in Plant Breeding and manager of North Circle Seed company. We are happy to cover as many or as few of these topics (or other topics) depending on your interests and those of your audience.

Public Speaking & Hands-on Workshops

From fermenting tomato seed to winnowing beans together, we know how to keep you engaged with our hands-on workshops! We have experience giving presentations in both formal and informal settings, and can adjust the presentation style accordingly. Have a topic that’s not in the list? Want to try out a new method of engagement? We’d love to hear from you and create a unique experience for all attendees.

Let’s work together!

We will work with you to develop a presentation, workshop, or other event of varying lengths to suit your needs. Pricing is flexible and based on presentation length, proximity to Vergas, MN, and availability of travel reimbursement/mileage.


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