Finnskogen Farm

Kaare and Pam Melby are growing a few seed varieties for North Circle Seeds and reside in Finland, Minnesota. Finnskogen is the name of the region in Norway where Kaare's paternal great grandparents lived before migrating here. The region was named for Finish refugees that moved there during a conflict (with Russia maybe?) They lived on a farm named Melby, and when they moved here they took the farm name as their last name. Kaare's parents moved to Finland, MN, where Pam and Kaare have taken over the homestead and are raising our daughters. Finnskogen Farm, means "Finish Forest" in Norwegian. They produce unique value-added items such as Egyptian garlic salt, chili-mint rhubarb pickles and utilize wild foods. They are holistic farmers/growers/wildcrafters dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle and supplying their local food system. They sell at the Finland Farmer's Market. Kaare says about the farm, "Using tradition and nature to regenerate our soils and provide our community with healthy food that is free from synthetic-chemicals and GMOs."

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