North Circle Seeds is committed to creating an ecologically diverse, equitable, and inclusive food system. We do this through an intentional relationship with our seeds and our circle of Midwestern growers, who produce regionally adapted seed using chemical-free, sustainable and organic practices.

We are celebrating and honoring the dedication and love of Minnesota seed stewards by sharing their favorite flavorful, high-yielding and disease resistant varieties. Some of these varieties include Kathy's Red Barn tomato, Greg's Peron Sprayless tomato, Dave Massey's Ukranian squash and much more!

Seeds are life and seeds are relationship. The work to follow only comes with trust and is a slow process, it is generational work. That is the true intention of North Circle Seeds (NCS) --to spread that word and message.

"Seed is not an Iphone, it is not a technology, it is a biology that we have a relationship with."

We need to wake up and start supporting our local growers and seed & food systems, as this is the collective health that will help our communities survive and thrive--by cultivating and celebrating our relationship with our seeds!

Inclusivity and equity is a priority of NCS. We collaborate with specific communities and individuals we have a relationship with who are reclaiming their cultural foods and seeds in the greater Minnesota and Midwest area. This includes increasing access to culturally important foods and seeds. Our Maiz Azul (blue corn) project and African eggplants are two such projects. The blue corn project is in collaboration with Sin Fronteras Farm in Minneapolis, MN. Some of the blue corn seed were gifted from Oaxaca, Mexico. We have adapted these varieties to our Northern climate, preserving the flavor and texture to produce authentic tortillas with full flavor. We support Sin Fronteras Farm in their tortilla operation and finding ways to give back to the Latinx community and strive for an equitable food system for latinx growers and farmers of color. Simeon's eggplants from Africa are important to him as a favorite food to eat and to share the plants and fruits with his family and community in the Fargo area. We are working together to support his work in 2019 by providing plant starts. We continue to find ways to support his work with his community in the future and will continue to share the progress we make!

For more information on how our seed collective/company operates, please visit our FAQ page.



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