North Circle Farm

Zachary Paige, proprietor of North Circle Farm is producing seed the majority of the varieties being sold at North Circle Seeds. He is active on the Lake Agassiz Chapter of the Sustainable Farming Association of MN and on the board for Manna Co-op in Detroit Lakes, MN. Our farm specializes in hardneck garlic and sells at the Minnesota Garlic Festival in Hutchinson, MN. Among various breeding projects, Zachary is adapting orange, blue and white corn seed sourced from Mexico in collaboration with Latinx farmers to produce homemade, high-quality tortillas. North Circle Farm is dedicated to the 5 soil health principles and practices them as much as possible: 1. Keep soil covered 2. Minimize soil disturbance 3. Increase crop diversity 4. Keep living roots in the soil 5. Integrate livestock. We do all of the seed cleaning, germ testing, packaging, storage and shipping and handling!

“All I want in life is to be effective and useful; for the simple natural ways of living and health, for the seeds, for communities, for the soil microbes, for the trees, for knowledge to be retained and young farmers back on the land, for old knowledge to pass to new people.”


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