Paradox Farm

Paradox Farm is a 160 acre farm managed by Sue Wika and Tom Prieve in Battle Lake, MN dedicated to soil health and truly following ecological agricultural sustainability techniques and follow the soil health principles. They raise goats, sheep, cattle, ducks, chickens, horses and more in a fine-tuned rotational grazing system. They have a deep winter greenhouse (pictured above) and host educational workshops on their farm.
Inspired after a Witness for Peace sponsored trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, Sue and Tom have been growing a few varieties from there including peppers and maize. One such pepper Sue loves the flavor of and have been growing is Chile de Arbol. Sue purchased these dried peppers from a farmer's market in Oaxaca. Sue and Tom both grew it last year and saved seed from the best plants. From 2015-2017, Sue and Tom collaborated on evaluation and selection of the Orange Corn and feeding trials to laying hens. The carotenoids in the orange colored corn made the color of the egg yolks a beautifully rich orange color.

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