Riverbend Farm

Greg Reynolds is the proprietor of Riverbend Farm, a certified organic vegetable farm that provides produce to a CSA, restaurants, food co-ops, and schools. Zachary Paige of North Circle Seeds and Greg met each year at the Sustainable Farming Association Annual Conference at the seed swap section of the event, conversing about seed saving and the different projects and varieties they were breeding. Greg is growing a few varieties of seed for North Circle including potatoes, kale, tomatoes and the OP Orange corn in 2019. Sometimes it is hard to find growers with isolated locations to grow relatively small plots (1-5acres) of corn because of potential cross-pollination with GMO corn from neighboring fields, so we are thankful for growers with the equipment and isolation to grow organically grown corn. He planted about an acre of the orange corn, which is made of a mix of a composite of about 7 open pollinated varieties pooled together. Greg says it's the fastest growing corn he has ever seen!


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