Burgess Buttercup

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Species: Cucurbita maxima

Days to Maturity: 90

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(90 days) Burgess Buttercup was introduced in 1932 by Burgess Seed & Plant Co. of Bloomington, IL and is known for their sweet, nutty, dense and flaky meat. The mature squash are dark green, medium sized (5 - 8” diameter, 3 - 5 lbs.), with deep orange flesh. Rind is thin yet hard and sometimes develops warts (these will not affect the quality of the squash). High yielding. Terrific baked, Burgess Buttercup’s flesh is rich and nutty like chestnuts! Add a little bit of butter for a warm, velvety treat. Stores well under good conditions.

Growing Tips

Direct seed in loose soil every 18 inches after danger of frost is past and soil temp is 60F. You can also start seeds indoors to give them a head start. If starting indoors, sow 6 weeks before the last frost. Fertilize soil as plants grow with fish emulsion or a soluble, complete fertilizer. Harvest when skin turns hard and vine handle is corky.\

Certified Organic. 25 Seeds per Packet.

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