Arikara Yellow Bean

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Species: Phaseolus vulgaris

Days to Maturity: 80

Grown by: Alissa Jacobson

Prolific early maturing drought tolerant dry bush bean. Grown by the Arikara Tribe who now reside on the Ft. Berthold Reseravtion in North Dakota. Featured on the Slow Food USA Arc of Taste. Has a unique yellow/brown, sometimes neon yellow color with brown eye. Excellent in soups, stews, baked or cooked as well as ground and spread like humus.

Growing Tips

• Direct seeds 1 inch deep 3-4 inches apart in loose soil well after danger of frost in rows 12 - 18 inches apart

• Let mature until buckskin color and harvest on a dry day.

Certified Organic Seed. 50 seeds per packet

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