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Species: Humulus lupulus

Days to Maturity: North Circle Seeds

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Herbaceous perennial dioecious vine growing to 30 feet in a season. Native to the Europe and Asia. A vigorous grower at sea level or in the mountains, these are widely employed as fast summer shade and make luscious, dangling, bright green strobiles that are used in the manufacture of beer. Traditional usage (TWM): Sleep inducing.

Growing Tips

Sow seed in the fall for germination in the spring, or sow in a cold frame or cold greenhouse from fall to very early spring, with germination in the spring as the soil warms. Alternatively, give 30 days cold, moist refrigeration (mix seed with moist coir or peat moss in a sealed jar or plastic bag in the fridge) and then plant in a warm place, with germ in 1 to 3 weeks.

Certified Organic. 20+ Seeds per packet

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