Orange Marigold Mix

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Species: Tagetes patula

Days to Maturity: 50+

Grown by: North Circle Farm

Enjoy sunny blooms all summer long by starting marigold seeds in the early spring. Tall, strong stems for cut flowers. Large orange flower heads up to 3", sit atop sturdy plants. These marigolds are prolific producers for cuts as well as excellent garden performers. Sturdy, uniform flower heads are also useful for marigold garlands. Also known as African marigold, American marigold, and Aztec marigold.

Growing Tips
For growing inside; Place a few seeds on potting soil and cover with a 1/4 inch of soil. Keep soil moist and at room temperature. Place in a south facing window in full sun and grow lights if possible. If the temperature is above 65F, place pot outside on spring and summer days when possible. Sowing outside; Sow marigold seed directly in the ground and cover with a thin layer of soil (about 1/4 inch deep). Water thoroughly. Thin to 8-12 inches apart after seedlings have sprouted.

Seed saving; After flowers bloom and dry, detach the dried petals from the plant. Under the petals are the skinny seeds!

Certified Organic. 100 Seeds per Packet.

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