Ponsfordian Hollyhock

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Species: Alcea rosea

Days to Maturity: 50+

Grown by: North Circle Farm

Hollyhocks are a great addition to any garden edge as they are colorful and attract beneficial pollinators such as the bumble bee and hummingbirds! These seeds are from multicolored hollyhocks grown and saved by long time gardener Dorris Metzer and her husband in Ponsford, MN. Colors of flowers include red, pink, white, yellow and purple. Hollyhock is a biennial plant, meaning the first year the plant will produce a rosette of leaves. In year two, the plant will grow colorful flowers up to and over 6 feet tall! Sow in a desired permanent location for 2-3 years to establish.

Growing Tips
Sowing inside; Start seeds on potting soil and cover with a 1/4 inch of soil. Keep soil moist and at room temperature. Transplant outside once plants are 2-3” tall.

Sowing outside; Sow directly in the ground and cover with a thin layer of soil (about 1/4 inch deep). Water thoroughly. Thin to 8-12 inches apart after seedlings have sprouted

Certified Organic. 50 Seeds per Packet.

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