Tulsi Basil

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Species: Ocimum tenuiflorum

Days to Maturity: 75

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Known as the Queen of Herbs in India, tulsi is considered to be sacred. This type of holy basil is also known as kapoor, or temperate basil. It is distinguished by its frost-tolerance and fast-growing nature. Its health-promoting properties are said to help combat stress and other medical concerns. If allowed to flower, it is a bee magnet attracting bumblebees and it may reseed. Grow indoors for a continuous supply of fresh leaves throughout the winter.

Growing Tips

Sow in flats indoors 6 – 8 wks before last frost. Cover seeds with 1/4” of potting mix. Germinates best when soil temp is at least 70˚F. Germination in 7-10 days, seedlings grow slowly at first. To avoid dampening off, do not over-water seedlings. Transplant to 8” spacing in all directions. Requires full sun & high fertility.

Certified Organic. 200 seeds per packet.

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