North Circle Pumpkin

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Species: Cucurbita pepo

Days to Maturity: 80

Grown by: North Circle Farm

This prolific, circular pie pumpkin is selected from Adaptive Seeds’ Pumpkin Pie Party for a uniform pumpkin shape. Sweet flavor with about an inch of pumpkin meat. The fine orange flesh is the best for rich pumpkin pies. Easy to handle, at only 5-7 lbs each. Long, skinny stems that are great for small children to carry. Seeds are great for roasting as a bonus.

Growing Tips

Direct seed in loose soil every 18 inches after danger of frost is past and soil temp is 60F. You can also start seeds indoors to give them a head start. If starting indoors, sow 4 weeks before the last frost. Fertilize soil as plants grow with fish emulsion, compost, or a soluble, complete fertilizer.

Certified Organic. 40 Seeds per Packet.

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