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Species: Zea mays

Days to Maturity: 85

Grown by: North Circle Farm

This rare and historic OP corn was first introduced by the Goodwin Company of Minnesota in 1888 and offered in Oscar Will Seed Catalog in 1941. Rustler traces back another few hundred years and more to Native American tribes in the North Dakota territory. It is considered foundation stock of early white dent corns and known for its short season and hardiness in cold climates. Great for corn bread and grits. Sweet, rich flavor.

Growing Tips

Sow in tilled soil 8 inches apart in 24-30 inch rows. Plant after danger of frost in spring. Fertilize soil with composted manure. Harvest after husks have dried down or in the milk stage (sweet corn stage) for boiling and enjoying Mexican-style street corn on a stick. Find recipes on our website.

Certified Organic. 75 Seeds per Packet.

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