Shiraz Early Tall Top

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Species: Beta vulgaris

Days to Maturity: 60

Grown by: Eric Kampe

 Deep red beet with rich, complex flavor and edible greens. If you love beets, growing Shiraz is an easy choice. Tall, succulent tops provide high quality greens. Rhizoctonia-resistant variety bred through a collaboration including several farmers, Dr. John Navasio & Organic Seed Alliance.

Growing Tips

Plant in early spring for tender baby beets, or in August for winter storage beets. Direct sow in rows that are 1 inch apart. Thin to 3 inch spacing once they are 3 inches tall. Don’t forget to eat some of those delicious greens! Beets can be boiled, in soups, or roasted.

200 Seeds per Packet

This variety has been grown in Certified Organic land and conditions.

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