Sugar Daddy Sweet Pea

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Species: Pisum sativum

Days to Maturity: 60

Grown by: North Circle Seeds

Superbly snackable and intensely tasty! A household name for its sweet, crisp pods, Sugar Daddy Snap germinates well in cold, wet soil, and the vigorous plants quickly produce a thick stand that requires some support. Determinate 24-30" vines produce an abundance of pods. Developed during 25 years of research by Dr. Calvin Lamborn at Gallatin Valley Seed Co. High tolerance of PEMV.

Growing Tips

Direct seed, plant 4 inches apart in rows. Use netting or string trellis to support these heavy bearing vines for easy picking. Turn a sprinkling of bone meal and wood ashes into the soil before planting. Keep pea vines well weeded and watered and mulch to conserve moisture. Water at the base of the plants to avoid mildew.

Certified Organic. 75 seeds per packet.

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